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Cellulite Reducer

Cellulite is a disorder of the cellular adipose connective tissue that is under the skin, it can affect both men and women, especially in the thighs, the gluteal region and the abdomen, although it is more common in women due to the different distributions of fat , muscle and connective tissue.

At Oz Body Contour we use an effective combination of Radiofrequency and Maderotherapy to Reduce Cellulite in a short period of time.

Radiofrequency is a very effective and safe aesthetic facial and body treatment with long-lasting effects that serves to eliminate sagging of the body. It consists of the application of electromagnetic radiation that causes the heating of the different layers of the skin. The technology used by this method is capable of reaching deeper layers of the dermis while protecting the epidermis during treatment.

Maderotherapy is a natural therapy that consists of stimulating the body through a massage technique with wooden utensils, by means of movements and pressure on points of the body, a well-being reaction is sought, but above all it reduces the levels of localized fat.

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