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Reducing Massages

Our Reductive Massage sessions combine Cavitation, Radiofrequency and Maderotherapy therapies to reduce adipose cells, thus achieving a notable decrease in measures in localized areas.

In addition, our therapies are personalized according to the needs and goals you want to achieve, we design a plan that will give you immediate results in a very short time:

· Cellulite reducer: radiofrequency and wood therapy
· Cryolipisis (FatFreze) This treatment eliminates fat cells.
· Post-surgical care.
· Laser depilation
· Microneedling.
· BB Glow Facial, get the effect of porcelain skin.

Cheer up to have the body you always dreamed of, they are ready to help you achieve your goals, the results are immediate in many cases. Call us to make an appraisal appointment!

Logo Oz Body Contour Corto